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Fosshield is a revolutionary new antimicrobial technology made in the USA by Foss Performance Materials. Studies have shown, the patented Fosshield technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus on a variety of treated fabrics, polymers, and rubber materials with long-lasting protection

Fosshield is the technology incorporated into the FDA cleared SpectraShield™ 9500 N95 surgical respirator mask. In the FDA testing, Fosshield began microbe prevention immediately and eliminated 99.99% of certain odor-causing bacteria after one hour of contact with the respirator surface.

The highly-effective antimicrobial Fosshield technology that is well-suited for many industries, including automotive, apparel, construction, consumer, healthcare, home, hospitality, and retail. And because Fosshield can be incorporated into nearly any fabric, polymer or rubber, it can be applied to an almost endless list of products where odor-causing bacteria and product-deteriorating-microbial growth are not wanted, including clothing, footwear, carpeting, wall covering, bedding, pillows, furniture, HVAC air filters, surgical respirator masks, medical scrubs, and automobile interiors.

Unlike antimicrobial agents that are applied via topical chemical coatings or include actual metals, the patented, non-leaching and ion-based antimicrobial technology in Fosshield is blended right into the fabric, polymer or rubber.

By combining both silver and copper, we provide enhanced and faster permanently embedded antimicrobial action. Fosshield fiber is patented and is the first and only antimicrobial technology to successfully use a balance of silver and copper ions in a fiber.

What’s more, Fosshield is made from a combination of Foss Performance Materials’s own Eco-fi, a PET fiber made with up to 100% recycled purified plastic bottles, and natural silver and copper ion antimicrobial technology.