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Foss Performance Materials Specialty Fibers & Fabrics

Traditionally dyed fibers tend to fade with washing, sun exposure, or normal wear and tear. Foss Performance Materials produces fibers that have “locked-in” color – meaning, we incorporate pigmented colors into the original manufacturing of the fiber while it’s still molten (hot). Think of a radish (red on the outside, white on the inside) as a ‘traditional’ fiber, and a carrot (orange all the way through) as our solution-dyed polyester fibers. Foss Performance Materials’s vibrantly dyed fibers won’t ever fade, not even when exposed to bleach.

We make colored fibers for a variety of industries, including the automotive, marine, and indoor/outdoor furniture markets. With state-of-the-art color technology, Foss Performance Materials can meet the most rigorous color-matching requirements with superior turn-around times.

High Ultraviolet Stability

Our high UV stable fibers are ideal for use in any fabric that needs superior resistance to fading, caused by heat, sunlight, rain, abrasion and wear, washing, or chemicals. This includes outdoor patio furniture fabrics, sunroom furniture fabrics, game room fabrics, and juvenile furniture fabrics. Unlike standard filament polyester, spun yarn made from Foss Performance Materials fiber has a superior look and feel, giving way to more upscale fabrics and designs.

Foss Performance Materials developed a technology that elevates the performance of the actual polymer from which high UV stable fiber is made. This means the fiber itself will not deteriorate as quickly as conventional polyester fibers when exposed to high levels of sunlight or when used outdoors. The fiber is easily cleaned, resistant to household detergents and bleach, and does not stain as easily as acrylic, nylon, rayon, or cotton fibers. High UV fibers can be made in an array of colors. They can be spun via ring, open-end, or air jet systems.

Superior Fire Retardant (FR) Properties

The big buzz today, especially in the contract furniture market, is flammability. More and more legislation, both state and federal, is being proposed and passed regulating flammability of bedding and upholstered furniture. California has already passed one of the strictest standards in the world regulating flammability in bedding, and legislation has been proposed for the adoption of similarly strict standards in both contract and residential seating.

Foss Performance Materials is in the forefront of providing fibers that help bedding and upholstery fabric manufacturers design and market products that meet strict flammability standards. By incorporating special FR additives into our standard high UV fibers, we can offer products that have the superior design and performance properties plus the added benefit of being inherently flame retardant.